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Passion for what we do

We travel abroad for a lot of things, starting from settling abroad, looking for job opportunities, studies and much more. But migrating to another country is not a small task. It is a long process of documentation and everything needs to be perfect to get your travel abroad approved and this is the major reason why you need to seek the services of an Immigration consultancy. Who better than Shreena Overseas Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Shreena Overseas solution Pvt. Ltd has an upheld repertoire in the field of Immigration and Visa consultancy. With more than 10 years of solid expertise in the immigration domain, Shreena Overseas Pvt.Ltd has always turned out to be the best of the best in providing world-class immigration services to its customers.
With great experience comes more trust and that is exactly what Shreena Overseas Solutions Pvt. Ltd stands for. The rich experience in dealing with Immigration processing has helped us serve an elite group of clientele of various backgrounds to settle abroad at their dream destinations.

How do we do it?

Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd has been able to maintain a reputation in the Immigration domain solely on the team that works behind the name. A team that is skilled enough to deal with all kinds of immigration and visa processing is the major reason as to why Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd is one of the best performing Immigration solutions in Delhi. With a lot of experienced professionals on the team that work round the clock, Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd has been able to make the dreams of settling abroad for many a reality.

How do we help you?

Now with regards to Immigration, there are a 1000 different questions that pop up. Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd has an answer to all of that. A dedicated team of Immigration experts are always available for you to clear your queries with regards to the various Immigration processes of many countries. It is our constant effort to make sure that any client that approaches Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd is absolutely clear about what they are getting into.
With the Immigration part done, the next part would be to start the Immigration documentation that is necessary for the process. Now with regard to documentation, you need to be pretty specific with the documents that you are providing which is pretty much a complicated task if you were to undertake it alone. Well with the countless experience in dealing with the documentation process of many countries, the expert staff at Shreena Overseas Pvt. Ltd knows exactly the type of documents that need to be submitted to get the job done reducing 50% of your actual input towards the Immigration process.

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The Trust Factor:

We are an authorized Immigration Consultancy company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) and this means we are registered on legal terms with the Indian Government to provide you with Immigration consultation services. We are also obliged to be providing you with the best in class Immigration services on legal terms as well making us more of a trust-worthy consultancy.
With all this in hand, a rich clientele profile with a happy feedback is what adds up to the trust factor of our consultancy. We let the clients do the talking and we take up the action. It is of the best of interest of our company to serve as we aspire to become one of the leading Immigration consultants in the World.

Countries we deal with:

There are a lot of things that define a good immigration consultancy and having a rich experience in dealing with different countries is one of them.
Some of the countries that come under our radar include Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark, HongKong and Singapore. All these are the countries where the opportunities are limitless and all you need to do to get started with your dream is to choose a country that suits your needs.
Confused on which country to go? Our experts are always there at the back-end to help you make a decision. All you need to do is just ask.

Do we provide Job Assistance?

Now when it comes to dealing with settling abroad, you need to have the larger picture, the complete scope of what you are getting yourself into. If you are not aware of the same, there is a high probability that you might end up having issues with regard to settlement.
That is the major reason why we at Shreena Overseas Pvt.Ltd make sure that we provide the complete assistance with regard to the job profile and give our clients the complete detail as to what is to be expected when they land at their dream destination. With the level of expertise, the professionals at our consultancy have, we make sure that we provide you with authentic and credible information to you with regard to the Job scenario in the destination country that you choose.

How do you approach us?

The process is simple with us! You can fill out the enquiry form that is available with us and within no time, we will be contacting you with regard to your enquiry.
Not finding it a comfortable way, then write to us with your requirements at info@shreenaimmigrations.com !
We are also just a call away! Give us a call at 011-41078672 and we can kickstart your journey to your dream destination abroad.


Shivendra Yadav

Shreena Overseas team did a great job in getting my Australia PR Visa. So it was back in January 2019 when I start searching for the Australia Immigration Consultants. By doing lots of research and reading lots of positive reviews about Shreena Overseas, Finally, I have decided to go with them. So the Journey with Shreena Overseas was very Comfortable, everything was very well explained. They keep me updated about every step over calls and Emails. And finally, after 10 months of their hard work, I have Successfully got my Australia PR. Thank you Shreena Overseas for everything. Keep it up!!

Sakshi Maheshvari

My journey with Shreena Overseas started in June 2019. When i reached out them regarding my Canadian WP process. Since then it has been a great journey so far. Special mention about Avishi-she has handled my case with great diligence. Kudos to the whole team at Shreena.

Malik Singh

Shreena Overseas are thorough professionals when it comes to PR process for Canada/Australia. I had a very pleasant experience with them and especially with the case manager Avishi who was handling my case. They are aware of the entire process and will make sure you to guide you for preparing all the documents needed for PR processing. I will definitely recommend Shreena Overseas.

Kanika Gupta

I am very much satisfied with Shreena Overseas from beginning associated with my process of migrating to Canada, were very helpful and professional in their approach. I have been thoroughly assisted as and when required. Thanks team Shreena Overseas. Looking forward to a long association with you. Will surely recommend friends and family.

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