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Job Seeker Visa in Denmark:-

Denmark has an incredible work-life balance as evidenced by its plan to award 5 weeks of vacation to each employee per year which will allow them to spend ample time with their families. The country also has the shortest working week in the world, with an average expat working for 37 hours per week. It is also very easy to travel around Denmark as it has an excellent transportation system consisting of buses, trains and metros.

Why a Danish Job Seeker Visa?

Once this visa is obtained, the person can then work in Denmark, where the employment opportunities are incredibly vast. Working in Denmark may open up new doors for the individual that may not have been open before. Denmark is also famous for having a high global quality of life that many people wish to enjoy.

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Documents needed for a Danish Student Visa:

  • A receipt indicating that the applicant has paid their fees.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport(all pages as well as front and back cover).
  • Completed power of attorney form.
  • Applicant’s employment offer or job contract form which contains all of their work details such as their salary, job duration and job description
  • Educational certificates indicating that the applicant is qualified for the position that they have applied for.
  • Certain job positions such as those of doctors and lawyers require Danish authorization.

Job Seeker Application Process:

These are the steps that have to be followed in order to get a job seeker visa:
Create a case order ID
There are many different kinds of work visas available and the individual has to apply for the one that best suits their situation and skills. After this has been chosen, the individual has to create a case order ID. In the case of certain work visas, the individual’s employer will submit the application on behalf of them. A power of attorney form will have to be sent in this case indicating that there is a representative that can submit or withdraw the visa application on the individual’s behalf.
Pay the required fees
Both the creation of the case order ID and the payment of fees have to be done in the same year as all visa applications are processed annually.
Submit the required documents
A list of all the documents that are required should be carefully made so that nothing is missed. All of the documents should then be collected and submitted properly.
Submit the visa application form
The type of form that is given depends on the kind of work visa that the individual has applied for. One of the types of forms is the AR1 online where both the employer and employee have to fill it up. The employer has to fill up the first half of it following which a password will be generated at which point the employee will have to fill the rest of it. Another type of form is the AR6 online where the employer can fill up the entire form on behalf of the employee(power of attorney form must have been filled up for this- mentioned under creating a case order ID).
Biometrics must be taken
After submitting the application form, the individual must then have their biometrics(fingerprints, photos) taken within 14 days of applying for the visa. These must be done at a Danish diplomatic mission abroad.
Await the response to the application
The results of the visa application will normally be made known to the individual within 30 days.The results of certain other visas such as the Fast-Track visa will be made known to the individual much earlier.

Role of Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD

No matter what may happen in the visa application process, we will be there to assist you in whatever way you may require. It is never easy to embark on something like this but you can rest assured knowing that you are not in it alone. You can always count on us to help you get out of a rough patch or lend you a helping hand whenever you may need it. Anything can happen while we apply for the visa but as long as we trust one another, the chances of success are much higher. We cannot wait to get to meet you and make your dream of working in Denmark come true.
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