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Job Seeker Visa in Canada:-

Canada’s powerful economy is one of the reasons many people wish to flock here for their future. The country has incredibly low unemployment rates as a high amount of jobs are produced consistently. The IT field is booming greatly in Canada and a lot of tech jobs are now available for those interested in the field. The cost of living in Canada is also low compared to other developed countries. The country boasts an incredibly high standard of living that many people want to experience for themselves.

Why a Canadian work visa?

If a Canadian work visa is obtained, a person can work in Canada under the employer that hired them there. The person can also apply for the Canada Dependent Visa which allows their spouse to work there as well and their children will have access to free primary school education. This means that an entire family can enjoy their life in Canada together. Once a work permit is obtained, this means that the individual can wait for a few years before applying for their PR visa.

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Eligibility requirements for applying for work visa:

• If the individual’s work permit expires, they should offer an officer proof that they will leave once this happens.
• Documents must be ready to be produced to officers when they want to check if an individual is qualified to enter the country.
• No past criminal record should be held and police clearance certificate should be submitted to the authorities.
• Working for an employer who offers sexual favours in the form of massages or escort services is strictly prohibited.
• A medical exam must be cleared to signify good health to enter the country.
• Must not work for any employers that are not considered eligible by the government.

Required Documents for Work Permit in Canada

• Two recently taken passport size photographs should be available.
• Requested educational qualification certificates.
• Proof of work experience.
• Results of medical examination done at registered hospitals.
• A passport that is currently valid that will also remain valid even after 6 months from the planned entry of the individual in Canada.
• Application fee for the visa.
• Financial records that prove that the individual is able to cover their expenses once they come to Canada.

Types of Work Visas in Canada

The two types of work visas that are available are: open work permit and employer specific work permit. The open work permit allows the individual to work for any employer while they are in Canada while the employer specific work permit means that they can only work for a specific employer. The open work permit may also contain certain conditions that have to be followed such as type of work, places where work can be done and duration of work. A person can only apply for a work permit if they possess certain visas.

Work Permit Application Process

The following steps have to be followed in order to obtain a work permit:
Applying for an LMIA
An LMIA(Labour Market Impact Assessment) is required for someone to apply for a work permit. The employer needs to apply for this and have it checked by the ESDC(Employment and Social Development Canada/Service Canada) before the foreign worker can be allowed to work in Canada. It is needed to show that they are needed to perform a particular job that no other Canadian citizen or PR is able to do. The individual will need to submit their LMIA number, a copy of the LMIA, the contract and job letter in order to apply for the work permit.
Applying for the work permit
Once a positive LMIA has been received by the employer, they must send a copy of the confirmation letter to the foreign worker. The LMIA is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. The employer must then ask a foreign national to apply to the Canadian Visa Office for a work permit for the worker. If the IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)positively assesses the work permit, the foreign worker will be allowed to move to Canada to work.

Role of Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD

We will pledge our best towards helping you obtain your work permit so that you can pursue the career of your dreams in Canada. We will help you handle all of the complicated documentation and also assist you in finding jobs if needed. We will constantly update you throughout the process so that you are always informed about what is going on. We are looking forward to traveling together with you on this journey and assure that you can put your complete and utter trust in us.
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