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Student Visa in Canada:-

Canada is famous for placing large emphasis on their education system. There are great employment opportunities for students who study there and there are many other benefits as well. The importance that is paid to diversity there will definitely help international students feel welcome. Canadian campuses are known to be incredibly celebratory of different lifestyles and there is a beautiful mix of cultures abound there. Students can feel safe studying in Canada as it boasts an exceedingly low rate of crime.

Why a Canadian Student Visa?

Getting the visa is the first step of the student’s journey to pursue their higher education in Canada. Once they obtain the visa, they will also be able to work part-time on or off campus during the holidays to support themselves financially if needed. Obtaining a student visa and studying in Canada will also mean that the student is on their way to securing their citizenship one day. This could be an excellent step forward for their future careers as well.

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Student Visa Application Process:

To apply for a student visa in Canada, the following steps have to be followed:.
Obtaining letter of acceptance
The letter of acceptance has to be obtained from the learning institution that the student applied to. Students that wish to study in Quebec need to obtain a CAQ or Certificate of Acceptance from the government.
Determining the mode of application
The candidate can either apply online or on paper. For the online mode, they should be prepared to upload all of the required documents by creating electronic copies of them. If the offline mode is followed, the application kit has to be downloaded which contains all of the necessary information needed to complete the application along with a list of the required documents. The candidate should create an account on the CIC website and answer the given questions so that it can be determined which documents are required for them and if they are eligible for the visa.
Uploading documents
If the student has been found to be eligible, they will receive a personal checklist code(valid for 60 days) that they will need in order to submit their online application. This checklist will also help them be aware of everything that they require for their application(documents, fees, etc). When the student is ready to apply, they must create a MyCIC account where they should enter their personal checklist code and upload the required documents accordingly.
Completing the application and gaining entry to Canada
Once the student has uploaded their documents, filled out their application form and paid their fees, they can submit their completed application to CIC. Should this submitted application be approved by those in charge, a Port of Entry(POE) Letter of Introduction will be presented to them. This should be presented to CBSA(Canada Border Services Agency) along with the other required documents, fees proof and passport. They will then issue the study permit and allow the student access into Canada.

Eligibility requirements for applying for Canadian Student Visa:

• The student can only apply if a DLI(Designated Learning Institute) has accepted them.
• They should be able to produce proof that they are in possession of adequate funds to cover their tuition during their time of stay.
• Criminal records are not allowed and the student has to have a clean record free of any black marks. A police certificate has to be produced in order to corroborate this.
• A medical certificate has to be presented after a health checkup signifying that the student is in good health.

Required Documents for Work Permit in Canada:

• The visa application form
• A valid passport along with a copy of the student’s biodata.
• A form detailing the student’s familial information.
• A letter proving that the student has been accepted by a DLI(Designated Learning Institution).
• Use of Representative Form (IMM 5476) showing that someone has conducted business with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) on behalf of the student.
• Results of English Proficiency Test.
• Required educational documents.
• A receipt indicating that the tuition fee has been paid.
• A GIC(Guaranteed Investment Certificate) for the adjustment of the living expenses of the first year for the student.
• Student questionnaire that contains the student’s checklist and responses,
• Medical certificates signifying student is in good health.

Role of Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD:

We will do our best to guide you through this visa application process in whatever way we can. If you have any doubts about what to do, we will be here to assist you. This can be complex and tricky as getting a student visa is not always the easiest thing to do, given the long procedure involved. However, if you allow us to support you, your dream of studying in Canada will definitely be much closer to becoming a reality.
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