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Permanent Residency Visa in Canada:-

Canada is a country that most people aspire their whole lives to go to. It is reputed for its inclusivity and the way that it treats outsiders. Canadians are known to be incredibly kind and welcoming towards outsiders. The country boasts a low unemployment rate and is known to be incredibly peaceful as well. There is great cultural diversity and the rich landscapes and locales are a sight to behold. Canada is a country that focuses greatly on the quality of its education. It also offers excellent healthcare coverage to everyone living there.

Why a Canadian PR?

If a Canadian PR is obtained, a person can lead their lives in Canada without any restrictions. It is easier to obtain work once a PR is obtained and a high increase in salary can also be expected. If the person applying for the visa is married, they will be able to fly with their spouse and children without any additional visas for them. If a visa is obtained, it is eligible for 5 years and the holder is provided with the option of changing this status to citizenship if they wish after 3 years of holding the PR visa.

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PR Application Process

To apply for a PR in Canada, the following steps have to be followed(criteria will also be mentioned):
Obtaining the required eligibility score (67 points)
Various factors affect in terms of age, education, work experience, language ability, adaptability, and arranged employment. To apply for the PR, a person has to be a minimum of 18 years. They should obtain at least a certain score on a standardized English language test like IELTS.
Only graduates can apply for the visa and skilled workers applying will have to present an authority approved ECA(Education Credential Assessment) so that the IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) can verify the applicant’s qualification. A minimum of 1 year of work experience is required to apply for the PR and a higher number of work years will help the applicant’s eligibility score improve.
Obtaining the required CRS and entering the draw
The applicant has to create an online profile in the Express Entry System to get their PR score. The CRS score is for a total of 1200. Factors such as skills, education, language ability, work experience, and other factors determine this score. A draw will be conducted every 2 weeks and only candidates with a particular score will be invited to apply for their PR visa.
Submitting the PR application
In the ITA(Invitation to Apply), the applicant is invited to apply under a particular class that they have to conform to. A response has to be submitted by the applicant within 60 days. They also have to submit the requested documents within this period.

Required Documents for Permanent Residency in Canada:

• Passport,
• Proof of funds
• Language test score
• Offer letter from a Canadian employer
• Provincial nomination certificate or territorial certificate of nomination
• Certificate indicating marital status, personal reference number
• Express Entry profile number
• Job Seeker validation code
• Medical report
• Birth certificate
• Police verification report
• Photographs and a letter of recommendation from previous employers.

If this is not approved, the ITA will expire and the applicant will be removed from the Express Entry Pool. If the candidate has a change in their situation after replying to the ITA, they will have to recalculate their CRS score and update it accordingly.

Await Approval from Canada
Once all the documents have been submitted, they will be verified scrupulously. If everything that has been sent has been successfully verified for their validity, then the approval for the Canadian PR visa will be obtained.

Role of Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD

Acquiring a visa in a different country is no small feat. There are a bunch of things that have to be done and the entire process can seem quite intimidating. However, you do not have to do this alone as we here at Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD are here to guide you every step of the way. A boatload of queries may arise when you are preparing to obtain your PR visa and we will answer every one of those with patience. Your clarity and understanding is something of great importance to us as we do not want you to make any mistakes in this process.
We will also provide all of the information that is required for this process and help you whenever you need it throughout the application process. Everything in our power will be done to ensure that you can successfully obtain your visa and move to the country of your dreams.
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