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Student Visa in Australia:-

Australia is a country that is renowned for its high quality of life and it is one of the most lingually diverse countries that one can seek their higher education at. Australian universities are famous for their research and training methods. It is also easy to find work after graduating in Australia as the visa allows students to work during the weekends even while they are studying. There is also great consumer protection for international students which will ensure that they are closely protected under the government.

Why an Australian Student Visa?

Obtaining this visa will allow the applicant to get to live the life of their dreams in the stunningly picturesque country that is Australia. There are a wide selection of courses from which the applicant can choose what they wish to pursue. There are also a large number of employment opportunities available for those who graduate from Australian universities.

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Documents needed for an Australian Student Visa:

  • The applicant’s COE(Confirmation of Enrolment).
  • Valid OSHC(Overseas Student Health Corner) health insurance.
  • Passport that will hold validity for applicant’s entire stay of study in Australia.
  • Proof of temporary stay.
Depending on where the applicant is staying, these extra documents may be required:
  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof that the applicant can financially support themselves while studying(bank statement).
  • Proof that the applicant will be able to successfully complete their higher education in Australia(IELTS results, past grade reports).
  • Proof of previous employment(previous paychecks and job contracts).
  • Proof of past criminal records(if applicable).

Student Visa Application Process:

These are the steps that have to be followed in order to secure the student visa:
Apply to an educational institution and obtain a COE
After careful deliberation, the applicant must get enrolled at the institution of their choice. If they are successful, they will obtain an offer letter which they should accept in writing and also pay the tuition deposit requested by the institution. Following this, the institution will send them a CoE(Confirmation of Enrolment) which the applicant requires in order to apply for their visa.
Create an account with Australian Immigration Authorities
After creating an account online, the applicant must enter their name, phone number and email address before proceeding further. The applicant must then create a password and accept the conditions that are stipulated.
Get all the required documents ready
Ensure that all the required documents are present so that they can be submitted when required. Depending on the place from which the individual is applying for and where they are applying to, extra documents may be required.
Complete the application online
On the initial page, the applicant should fill in their nationality and CoE code. After choosing the Education Sector that the applicant belongs to, they will then be asked to submit details about themselves, their family, education, experience, health and criminal record.
Pay the visa fee online and obtain Transaction Reference Number
On paying the application fee online successfully, a receipt with a TRN(Transaction Reference Number) will be obtained. Ensure that the page is saved after this step has been completed.
Complete health checkup and visa interview
Depending on the location of the applicant, they may have to go through a health checkup. This should only be done after getting the TRN. Instructions will then be provided on what needs to be checked by the applicant.
Wait for visa results
Once all the applications have been completed, wait for the results of the application. This will vary depending on where the individual is applying from. Since the visa is electronic, the online grant letter can be printed out once the visa has been approved. The applicant can then move to Australia when they wish(earliest date is 90 days before the beginning of the course as printed on the CoE).

Role of Shreena Overseas Solutions PVT LTD

During our time as an immigration and consultancy firm, we have worked with a large number of people who have had dreams to pursue their higher education abroad and Australia is one of the countries that most people desire to go to. We understand that the process of applying for your visa can be mentally taxing at times which is why we would like you to know that you will not have to do this on your own. We will be there to guide you through each step of the application process and will also resolve whatever doubts may arise for you. Together, we can make your dreams of pursuing your higher education in the beautiful continent of Australia come true.
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