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Who are you dealing with:-

You are dealing with one of the most prestigious immigration solution providers that you can find in India. Based out in Delhi, Shreenas overseas has definitely made a major impact on how Immigration is perceived by Indians who opt for immigration services. The major highlights of dealing with Shreena Overseas is that there every detail is dealt with in the most professional manner. This is the major reason as to why Shreena Overseas solutions is perceived to be a personal favourite by many when it comes to immigration services.

How experienced are we in Immigration services:

When it comes to dealing with Immigration services, you need experience and expertise to get things done quick and fast and that is exactly what you will find out with Shreena Overseas solutions. With a rich experience of more than 10 years providing immigration services to many of the elite customers across India, Shreena Overseas has been able to carve a repertoire for customer management.

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What is so special about Shreena Overseas:

Shreena Overseas always makes it a point that they put the clients requirement on priority. This means that the team starts working round the clock to make sure that your requirement is met with gratification and sound results. The most important thing that shreena overseas values is the commitment to stay focussed on the important aspects of the immigration process and get your approval and on your flight to your dream destination.
  • What do we mainly deal with?
  • There are a lot of things that we deal when it comes to immigration, but to be more precise and exact on what we work with.
They include;
International Work permits:
If you wish to make a living in an foreign country and you are stuck on how to proceed further, we have got you covered. We help you get the work permit visa approved and get you to your dream destination to start earning.
Studying Visas:
Planning to study abroad is definitely a bold move and it will definitely expose you to a world of immense opportunities. But for all that to happen according to plan, you definitely must have a proper study visa and we can help you with that.
Tourist Visa Planing:
We all have dreams of spending time with our families, friends and loved ones in dream destinations but it does not happen unless and until you have a solid tourist visa. Tourist visa processing will be the last thing on your mind with us.
Business trips planning:
Business trips are sudden and unplanned sometimes. To make sure you reach your destination on time for your important business meets, Shreenas overseas will make sure that we get the visas processed on time and get the job done.

How do we work with you:

The process is simple with us, you come to us with your requirements, we test your eligibility, ask you for the important documents and start the filling of the application form. Here is where our team takes extreme precision and makes sure that the application form is properly informed to make sure that it is free of error and perfect for processing.

What is so different about Shreenas Overseas from other similar immigration consultants:

Shreenas Overseas believes in a unique workflow that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of its clients. This means that every single client who comes to us with their requirement is dealt with a unique strategy which gives us the capability to serve them with their requirements with extreme precision. And this is also the number one reason as to why shreenas overseas have been able to retain their position as the best immigration consultation agency in Delhi.

What is our Unique strategy

We are honest with the outcome and the whole process. Every single detail is highlighted to the client to make sure that he/she is completely aware of the whole process from start to end. This also gives the client the superior advantage of being aware of what they are into in terms of immigration processes.

How about our team:

The team here at Shreenas Overseas is a collection of knowledgeable people who know exactly what they are dealing with in terms of immigration. Every single client that comes to us definitely needs to experience the Shreenas Team experience. This is mainly because every one of our employees at Shreenas Overseas has rich experience in dealing with immigration and the long processes that are accompanied along with it.
The team also makes sure that they are on the clock to make sure that your immigration documents and forms are updated to the recent changes that are pretty evident in immigration processes for many countries. This helps us to make sure that all the details are looked into and not missed out.
Attention to detail is one of the smallest things that helps our team to make a huge impact. This means that we are always on our feet to make sure that everything ships to the immigration processing with the right details.
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